We won't deny the fact that in a room of crowded people, you can't help but you will surely notice men wearing sleek and luxe tuxedos. After all, tuxedos are outfitted when properly styled and have a way of making men look stylish yet formal. Especially talking of paisley tuxedo, they have the power to transform a mundane look into an elegant one. However, just wearing a tuxedo won't work because you will need to look after a few things that can help you achieve a stellar look in a tuxedo. Here are a few simple tips to look your best in Tuxedo anytime for every occasion. 

Tips To Look Best in Tuxedo: 

Make Sure Tuxedo Is Well Fitted 

If you are planning to wear a tux, you have to ensure it is tailored to your body shape. Never go for something that is uncomfortable in any way. For example, a tux should never be big or loose and should help you move your arms freely. Additionally, your tux jacket should sit properly on your shoulders without tugging. Another way to have the best fit is to ensure the back of the suit jacket falls neatly on your body. 

Choose A Dark Shade Color 

While most formal tuxedo for men come in dark shades, light shades are also available. But the best color for a classic tuxedo is darker shades like black, dark blue, and green. That's because dark colors have a way of creating sharp highlights for the event and give you a classic manly look. So resist the urge to wear a lighter shade, especially when it's an evening function.

Wear A Bow Tie With Tux

If you are someone who is new to wearing tuxedos, then the best way to look amazing is to add a bow tie to your look. As much as you can acknowledge a black bow tie, you can also try grayscale, blue hues, or pinstripe ones. But, you have to only experiment with this if you are sure to pull off this look. Adding a bow tie to the tuxedo underscores the V shape, which is created when you button up the coat. Thus, it ensures that your shoulders appear broader and brings out the perfect body shape. 

Choose A White Color Dress Shirt 

When wearing a tux, no matter which color but a white dress shirt is the best option to ace your look, especially when worn with a black jacket. It creates a sharp and creative look that oozes style and class. Depending on your event, you can go for either a winged collar shirt or the one with a turned-down collar. Generally, winged collar shirts are ideal for formal events, and turned-down collars go better for less formal occasions. But both look good with a tuxedo. Don't forget to pair your dress shirt with black or silver cufflinks or anything that sets you apart. 

Pay Attention To Your Shoes 

When you finally decide to pull your tux look, then the last thing you need to look to do is right in your shoes. You might not know, but your shoes form an important part of the dressing, and thus it's important to pay attention to them. Pair your tuxedo with leather or patent leather shoes that come with formal pumps. Avoid loafers, slip, or sneaker-style footwear. Just choose classic variants of footwear every time you are wearing a tuxedo. 


In the end, we can say that confidence and modesty are the keys to pulling off the best look in a tuxedo. To top over that, the above-mentioned tips will help you seize the day with your tux look. Just don't do anything that will jeopardize your comfort. As far as the concern of buying a classy Tuxedo is concerned, Eadenmyles is here to resolve that. Get a wide range of classic tuxedos for men for every occasion at exclusive prices. Visit Eadenmyles today and check out the whole collection!