About Us

Welcome to the world of Eaden Myles

Eaden Myles is illuminating innovation in the 21st century of men’s fashion. Our focus is to provide our customers with a one stop shop for well-made, well-tailored suits and accessories which compliment your unique structure. What you wear and how you wear it speak tremendous things; Eaden Myles will assist you to articulate clearly without even opening your mouth.

The Eaden Myles collection is a European Inspired Collection of men’s suits. The right fit is essential in getting noticed in your suit; we have made it our business to take care of the suiting needs for our clients. We deliver High Fashion, High Quality, suits, and carry custom fits; standard fit suits, and slim fit suits. Each of our fits are created to give you a tailored look and fit, complimenting your body type structure, reflecting style, comfort and ultimately sophisticated current fashion.

We offer high level client service comprised with individual customer focused consultations. Ultimately Eaden Myles’s desires your 100% satisfaction, and we work to achieve this. Eaden Myles achieves professionalism, client care and much more, when our clients are happy!

We offer an exciting customer experience as we bring you into our world of men’s fashion, with hundreds of fabric options to choose from you will get the attention and guidance you need to put together a look that will definitely turn heads, and stand out from the rest. With different looks and different styles we have something that will work for every gentleman in this modern day world.

Step into the Eaden Myles world of men’s fashion.