For the men who cannot compromise on their style, one of the great joys in life is owning a Tuxedo. But, as fascinating as a tuxedo looks, it becomes a daunting task when it comes down to shopping for one. That's because all the tailoring that goes into embedding these classic pieces demands much thought. While some individuals choose to rent a suit, a properly purchased or made tuxedo will last in your wardrobe for years. So, this implies that finding the perfect champagne tuxedo is a worthy investment. Now, if there's a special occasion on its way and you are on a hunt to find a tuxedo for yourself, this guide will be helpful for you. Here are the five factors that will carve your way to your perfect tuxedo for every occasion. 

Guide To Buy The Perfect Tuxedo

Getting It Right For The Occasion 

One of the first things you need to know before finding your perfect tuxedo is the occasion you are wearing it for. While formal events call for dark-toned tuxedo suits, informal ones are perfect for trying light colors and shades. So, the choice you have to make is between a formal one and an informal one, and then you can surely find the right set for yourself. Not to forget, informal events are open to creativity, so you can try switching to bold prints and patterns. 

Getting Proper Measurements 

One of the first things to find the right tuxedo suit for yourself is getting your measurements right. The main point in finding a tuxedo that stands out is the jacket, and trousers fit. Unfortunately, the basic sizes like small, medium and large are not going to come up as perfect. So, it's best to spend the necessary time in a boutique and get all of your measurements. These measurements will help you in finding the right size and fit tuxedo for your body type. 

Choosing The Fabric

Tuxedo suits come in a wide range of fabrics and materials. The most favorable fabric for curating perfect tuxedos is considered wool. That's because of its breathable quality; it becomes a perfect option all year round. But we are not saying that there's no room for a bit of change in the fabric—the choice of customizing your tuxedo to a material you love, like rayon or polyester. Just keep in mind that the fabric you will choose should be suitable for the climate you will be wearing your tuxedo. 

Judging The Colors 

The more formal occasion, the darker tone will suit the ambiance. Traditionally, dark color tuxedos suit up best for formal occasions. However, nowadays, you will find a more flexible and liberating range of colors for different occasions. While you will have to choose from what colors will look the best, on the contrary, you can never go wrong with a classic black formal tuxedo dress. Other tuxedos that you can try adding to your wardrobe could be anything from charcoal grey and dark green to deep maroon. Just judge the vibe of your event and find colors that will help you amp up your looks in the best ways. 

Styling The Tuxedo 

In the end, we must understand that all the outfits come down to just one thing: styling. Styling up your outfit or tuxedo will either amp up your looks or bring it down. So, keeping styling factors in mind while buying a tuxedo is important. One basic rule when it comes to styling tuxedos is to never miss out on satin on the lapel of your jacket. Secondly, a dress shirt for your tuxedo is a must-have. And last but not least, try wearing suspenders instead of belts for your tuxedo trousers. Finally, don't forget to find the perfect necktie or bowtie, but that's entirely an individual's preference. 


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