This is probably the most asked question that we get during our consultations. Our answer is a simple NO! The key here is to compliment your bridesmaids. I’m a strong believer that when we consider all colors that have been chosen for your wedding we set up ourselves to choose the best colors to complete the groomsmen look.


For example let’s say your bridesmaid are dressed in fuchsia dresses, with this color option you can consider these suit colors for your groomsmen; blue, grey & black. Now fuchsia accessories would pair quite beautifully with their dresses but let’s think outside of the box for your wedding. I mean that is what were known for at Eaden Myles!


Groomsmen Suits – Blue


My go to right away for accessories for blue suits is to pair your suits with accessories that match the tone of the suit & to brighten up the suit pair it with a white pocket square! One of my favorite lines that I like using when consulting is, “focus on what is going to make the bridesmaids & groomsmen look great individually & together they will look great!”


Since were on the topic of blue suits for your groomsmen, how about considering a lighter shade of blue (perhaps even as light as baby blue) & pairing that with fuchsia accessories! Got you thinking right?


The whole point I’d like to get across in this blog post is that there are no rules. It’s your wedding do what you feel is going to best bring your vision together. Your options are endless & if you need some guidance our team of stylists at Eaden Myles is ready to help! Book your consultation with us today.